Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Now that's how to pack in a three day weekend of FUN. Saturday we started our long bike ride a little late and got scorched in the heat to the tune of 77 miles in just under 4 hours. When we finally got home, we were like zombies roaming the kitchen for food and water, trying to cool down. The solution became apparent: go mattress shopping.

And thus it was done. We laid around in the air conditioning on varying degrees of comfort for almost three hours before deciding on the fluffiest, most enveloping one. We shall dream of marshmallow clouds.

Sunday we went back at it, with a long, tough, hilly run in the heat, and then up to Trout Lake to float on our killer double wide raft with Cody the happy navigator. Of course we had to toss in an open water swim session in the middle for good measure. At night we met up with some of my work friends and saw a fantastic fireworks show.

Love that red smoky haze

Up past 10pm!

Aren't Alaina's new bangs so cute?

Bangs! Bangs! Bangs!

For months now we've been talking about riding our cyclocross bikes on the dirt roads all the way up to Island Lake Rec Area (~22 miles north), doing one loop of the mountain bike trails, go for an open water swim at Trout Lake, and then riding back home. And on Monday the 4th, we finally did it! What a way to cap this amazing three day weekend.

After a refreshing swim across Trout Lake

Yeah, I think I'll take a dip.