Thursday, February 14, 2013

SOD: The Knife -- Full of Fire / A Tooth for an Eye

The Knife, a Swedish electronic brother-sister duo, have three records under their belt: The Knife (2001), Deep Cuts (2003), and Silent Shout (2006). Now they're set to release Shaking the Habitual on April 9 in the US. The fact that this album is getting so much buzz is testimony to the band's stellar output thus far. Seven years between releases would be a death knell to lesser groups.

They've released the first single, "Full of Fire" with accompanying video, which I still have yet to figure out. The track is almost 10 minutes long and it's been tweaking out my running lately. 

The second single is "A Tooth for an Eye", a Caribbean infused, six minutes of head noddin' and groove locked pleasure. 

"Full of Fire":

"A Tooth for an Eye": 

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